Flying-Tech is dedicated to providing quality consulting. We have a broad range of skills, but security and business applications are our specialties. We can help demystify how to help protect your loved ones on the web. The risk evolve every day, and staying on top of risk trends is not easy; we can help you find a solution that best protects your family.

 From work to home, we can help you ensure the safety of your cyber system.
 We are not strangers to web security, applying it daily to businesses and their employees.
 New systems use AI to better monitor the traffic your family creates. We can help you understand how this technology can serve you.
 Help secure your family or employees when on the WEB.
 Create a unified network secure networking system, including VPNs, WiFi, WAN, and LAN networks.


How do you keep your devices protected? Let us help you understand how your precious users and devices can be covered when online.

Social Media

Are my loved ones safe online? With social media always changing from sites to contacts, we can help you understand what safe really means and looks like. Cyberbullying, Negative Influences, Unwanted Communications are all hot topics that are all parts of online safety.


We can help you better manage your family's online presence and try to influence your young members.